Leiya (Emmanuelle Valette-Matsumura) is a choreographic artist chorégraphique and a body-mind therapist born in France.

Her approach is to express the movement of life in all its forms and to harmonize the 5 elements in the body integrated in the universe, which interacts with an environment. She experiences the expression of the invisible and the sensitive, mobilize the senses and transcend emotions, and with various media (movement, sensation, images, painting, photo, materials, memories, voice, sound, poetic writing). She explores a timeless space, dances nature and its functioning, observes interactions and interconnections. It questions what it causes in itself: actor or observer, and what is transformed: in itself and in space.

Her dancing character diffuses beautiful vibrations and carries in his magic dream. It transforms time, space and changes consciousness, and allows to experience a deep connection with nature and return to simplicity.

She performs regularly on the experimental stage (Jp, Fr), in art exhibitions, festivals, collaborates with various artists (calligrapher, music, fire, circus …), and creates bonds between cultures and arts of the world. Its goal is to spread beautiful energies and touch the consciences to bring back to the essential: life and the earth, for a profound transformation and a humanity … alive.

She leads the company Otomi Namaste which offers energy care and development support, dance workshops / workshops « Organic Dance » and « Sufi », sound travel experiences « ZenSound », as well as performance / concert, as well as school interventions.

leiya woman and tree