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Gipsy dances

When we talk about gipsy or tzigane dance, its related to the dance of the people Roms who are originary from north India. Following some forced wave of migration at first, we can encounter them in many places in the world.

Possessing excellent skills in the trades of metallurgy, basketry, and care of animals, they attracted the great conquering chiefs of the time : a useful workforce to build their armies (at the time of the private organizations).

From this first migration wave followed numerous others. Some group of people settled down throughout their journey, globally from India to Spain but also to Brazil (some were in charge of the care of black prisoners during the ship journey). Some remain nomadic, others settle down.

Turkish Rom / Roman havalari

An improvisation dance, frequently in 9/8 rythm,which formerly included a lot of acrobatics and danced with cymbals of fingers. It can be danced in a feminine way or more masculine way, according to the music, the style of the dancer … 

Kalbelya – North India

Kalbelia dance is the dance of a Gypsy community from the Thar desert in the state of Rajasthan in northern India. There are Kalbelia in other regions as well today. A dance of energetic improvisation including numerous tricks, a rich gesture evoking the cobra, acrobatics … the kalbelia like to take inspiration from all that pleases them and despite a fixed base, as each dance evolves with the time. Gulabi Sapera is a great personality of this dance and was the first to produce it on stage.

Tzigan Rom from Romania

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