Every 1st and 3rd tuesday of the month, at Fujino Bio Market, Kanagawa.

¥1000, 10min – Head and shoulder + tuning forks (chakra harmonisation)

¥2000 20min – Head and shoulder + tuning forks + Hip bones and vertebra check

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Energy massage is my specialty. Let yourself be lulled by the care, relax yourself : I use the technic which is the most appropriate at this time, according to your needs.

The energy work act deeply inside your cells : the goals is to adjust you body/mind/spirit balance and get back to the natural harmony of your body, you will recover you full energy and physical potential, be more relaxed physically and mentally, just like after a meditation !

I let go of energy, rebalance your chakras, reestablish the free circulation of fluid in your body as well as the energy flow in the meridians, check if you have energy leak, and relax and take care of you completely during the desired time. I use soft or deep touch, stretching, vibrations, acupressure points, precious stones, sounds, floral essences …

Price : 

  • 60 min : ¥ 8000/60 € (including short interview, massage, special herbal medicinal tea)

If you come by car at Otomi Namasté Home Salon in Akiyama (Uenohara city), or if you manage to go to “Akiyama onsen” by bus (where I can pick you up), I can offer you 1500¥ discount.

I can use : tuning forks, minerals, essential oils…

The techniques are various : Californian, Thaï, Shiatsu.


RELAXING MASSAGESspa concept zen basalt stones

Your massagist graduated a Brevet of Superior Technician in Esthétique-Cosmétique in 2005 in France after 2 very intense years during which she acquired various techniques of massage and care (facial care, shiatsu relaxation face and skull, back massage, massage Californian body, foot reflexology, shiatsu relaxation, lymphatic drainage, vascular drainage, slimming massage) as well as management of a spa or health center. These studies include many topics such as chemistry, biochemistry, skin and general biology, cosmetology, physics, tool technology, marketing, economics and law, sales, and of course a lot of practice. Then, her knowledge was enriched during his travels and research, with massagist and local healers in various countries: Balinese massage, hot stone, Ayurvedic, Thai.

The touch of your massagist is delicate, very soft, warm and deep, always listening to your needs. Her knowledge of anatomy and her experience as a dancer will find and release the tensions present in your body. Her style is a progressive massage : when your body is more relax and you are half asleep, she can start to use a deep touch. But always feel free to ask her the kind of pression you wish.

However, if these muscular tensions are recurrent or important, you are advised to make an appointment for a kinesiology session to look for the emotional cause and free yourself from the pain that is the consequence.

The massages are provided on a massage table.

Outfit :

Shiatsu type massages are practiced dressed.

Oil massages are practiced at the bottom of underwear.



– 20 min Face and skull

– 30 min Face, skull, and back

– 60 min Complete body, acupressure and adapted massage.

Effects : against headaches, sleep disorders, stress, digestive disorders.

  • 20 min ¥ 4000 / 30 €
  • 30 min: ¥ 4500 / 35 €
  • 60 min: ¥ 7000 / 55 €    (In the Portrade store, in Fujino)
  • 60 min: ¥ 6000 / 45 €    (In our office: in Akiyama, Uenohara)

OIL MASSAGE (Californian)

– 20 min Face and neck

– 30 min Face, neck, back

– 60 min Complete body, effleurage or deep touch, adapted to you

  • 20 min : ¥ 4000/ 30 €
  • 30 min : ¥ 4500 / 35 €
  • 60 min : ¥ 7000 / 55 €    (In the Portrade store, in Fujino)
  • 60 min : ¥ 6000 / 45 €    (In our office: in Akiyama, Uenohara)

Effects : Muscle relaxation, drainage of the lymphatic and vascular system, reconciliation and the awareness of the integrity of your body.


Possible second effects after a first massage in deep touch:

Following a full body massage in deep touch or acupressure, some people who experience a deep touch for the first time sometimes feel in the following days of discomfort: do not panic! Your body regains its capacity for self-healing. Areas where energy flow was blocked are “woken up” and inflate very slightly, causing a small, painless compression in most areas of the body. But in narrower parts such as the base of the neck, shoulder blades or along the spine, this can press on areas of nerve impulses and can cause pain. In cases where this happens it only lasts a few days but then you will be very light! If you are worried, ask your masseuse a soft and light touch for a first contact, then you will be free to experience the deep touch 🙂


Thai massage is a old massage technic who has been created by Shivago Komarpaj, a doctor from northern India. he was a contemporary of the Buddha and personal physician to the Magadha King Bimbisara over 2,500 years ago. It probably reach thailand in the same time as buddhism. It is based on the concept of invisible energy lines running through the body. Working on the energy lines with massage can break the blockades, stimulate the free flow of Prana, and help to restore general wellbeing.

Your massagist learnt Thai massage in a family school in Chiang mai in Thailand in 2009 with Therdchai Chumphoopong’s brother and mother. She sometimes calls her practice “Thai yoga massage” at a particular event because this name gives her the freedom to bring her experience as a dancer and breathing techniques. However, the technique remains based on tradition and practice mainly on the ground, as practiced in northern Thailand.

What happens during a session :
Quick interview followed by a massage on the floor adapted to your needs, with your cloth on. It is adviced to come with comfortable and stretch cloth, preferably in cotton.

Effective for :
Stress, physical pains, need for relaxation (very effective for dancers), blood and lymphatic circulation…

Duration and price :

  • 30 min : ¥ 4500 / 35 €
  • 60 min: ¥ 7000/ 55 €    (In the Portrade store, in Fujino)
  • 60 min: ¥ 6000/ 45 €     (In our office: in Akiyama, Uenohara)


  • BIO market special offers (except winter time), the 1er and 3ème tuesday of the month at Fujino Club Bio market, and 2nd and 4th tuesday at WaraWara Bio Market).