Otomi Namasté

“Be yourself, here and now”  

In many countries and especially in the countryside, access to medical care is sometimes inaccessible or nonexistent. The cities are far, no doctors trained in the village … And yet for generations, there is a local healer, and knowledge of emergency remedy based on plants and local bark, use of certain stones, prayers and rituals, sweat lodges, hands-on healing techniques …

When I traveled and found myself very often alone, sometimes for several days, in environments such as the Amazon, the jungle, the bush, the desert … I learned local basic techniques in case of bite dangerous snake, spider bites, malaria, mosquitoes, various injuries. I also got a lot of knowledge from my grandmother and my mother about plants, got interested early in mineral care, and alternative medicine. I spent a lot of time in nature watching the elements and animals, dancing, and playing with the energy in my hands. May be a gift handed down from part of my ancestors in Mexico and Maya …

I became interested in alternative medicine and accumulated knowledge and training in France and in various countries: massages (care and relaxation), magnetism, reiki, Bach flowers and essential oils, minerals, kinelogy, hypnosis, care through sound vibrations, art therapy (dance) …

Today I offer alternative and holistic therapy sessions, including various energy treatments, to restore your physical, mental, emotional balance, and reach your full potential.

Individual sessions

I usually let myself be guided and do the care you need according to the reason for your coming. You simply have to decide if you want a session more oriented body, mind, soul … or trust me and I take care of the whole.

Distance Care

No difference on quality, energy is free! Maybe you’ve seen the film about trees … it works a little similar for everything in the universe: everything is interconnected and communicates through chemical and energy exchanges …

Group Workshops

See workshop section with Otomi Namasté. See “well-being dance” section: organic dance (care by movement).