An ambiant DJ : NaosisoaN, a leader : Leiya, developers of the ED Japan… for MOTHER EARTH



No talking !

I invite you to start by exploring the space, then your body, then the others. However no obligation 🙂

Enter the space and be/express yourself !


  • Welcoming circle
  • Warm up with accupressure point and self massage (to balance the energy flow in the meridian of the season), quiet, minimum talk.
  • Ecstatic Dance DJ Set : no talk.
  • Meditation
  • Sharing time


  • Do not talk with words (movement, sound, body percussions ok)
  • Feel free to improvise alone or interacting with others (acting, dance….)
  • Feel free to go out and in the central space
  • Feel free to do something or to do nothing and chill out
  • Contact improvisation dance is welcome, but please do no give you all your weight to somebody without being sure he is stable : you have the responsability of your body balance at any time. Head and articulation are fragile, be aware of your movements.
  • Be aware of others
  • Respect the sacred space
  • Don’t “grab legs” : it is dangerous and stop the person’s movement
  • No alcohol and no drug
  • Bring only water, and go on the side to drink


ED Mix during a 2 day workshop in the Maloca at the “Val des Fées” at Lacoste, the 3 january 2019, for our “Operation earth of tomorrow tour in France : be the change you want to see on earth”. Relax and quiet session, after an intense day of dance, meditation, voice… in order to follow the energy of the group at this time  🙂