An ambiant DJ : NaosisoaN, a leader : Leiya.

Duration : 2h.

No talking !

I invite you to start by exploring the space, then your body, then the others. However no obligation 🙂

Enter the space and be/express yourself !


  • Do not talk with words (movement, sound, body percussions ok)
  • Feel free to improvise alone or interacting with others (acting, dance….)
  • Feel free to go out and in the central space
  • Feel free to do something or to do nothing and chill out
  • Contact improvisation dance is welcome, but please do no give you all your weight to somebody without being sure he is stable : you have the responsability of your body balance at any time. Head and articulation are fragile, be aware of your movements.
  • Be aware of others
  • Respect the sacred space
  • Don’t “grab legs” : it is dangerous and stop the person’s movement
  • No alcohol and no drug
  • Bring only water, and go on the side to drink

Duration : 2h