Meditation Dance, Trans, Ecstatic dance


Otomi Namasté offers you to experiment meditative dance during wokrshops :

  • Sufi
  • Butoh
  • Ecstatic Dance

The meditative dance I practiced is a kind of active meditation, based on whirling and is strongly influenced by the soufi philosophy. During this deep meditation, I enter in connection with the horizontal plane (earth plane) and the vertical plane (sky-earth plane), thanks to a deep let up which can bring into what we call ecstasy. This words come from old grec langage and mean “outside of”, a stage which can be rich in some specific circumstances, notably mystic, that I would describe as an intense joy sensation in which I feel surrounded of a luminous cloud. It can be achieved more easily with music accompaniment. This meditation is a way of reconnect to ourself, so as the environment which surround us, using an energetic canal that some people call the “devin energy”, or the “light”. It brings centering, peace inside, Clear-sightedness, and a presence rooted in here and now.




155228_4509740983212_666719414_n According to moment, I use sometimes some trans technics like of “chamanisme” type from my my own feeling, from who I am and my soul history. It is accompanied by the sound of drums in order to resonate with the heart beat and serves to archives a kind of ecstasy thanks to songs, movement, and répétitives sound. Each tribe own his own proper trans methode, although we generally meet the same elements. They are practiced during special events and are linked with many believing, and respond to strict rules. Elles ne sont pas toutes accessible à tous nécessitant une certaine maitrise afin de rester en lien avec la dimension terrestre.

165111_1801904008980_6428659_nIn Europe, the chamanisme proposed is very different that the one we can observe in some aboriginal tribes : it is important to linked every practice in a context in order to understand it and not mistaken about the aimed objectives. Travelling teached me that this education and the true often hide behind simplicity, and in human exchange which seems sometimes harmless… some synchronicity sometime disturbing but so rich.









Butohis a form of expression born in Japan that has been developed after the Second World War under the direction of Hijikata Tatsumi. This movement was greatly influenced by avant-garde European movements from the 20s to the 30s, and it mixes various artist forms such as theater, dance, mime, voice, performance, visual arts … This work is done on a search for movement from physical body sensation, image, and motion, never separated from each other.


A space of free expression by the body in movement and without talking, accompanied by a DJ Set. It’s a movement that started in Hawaii, then spread to the US, Australia, France … Indeed, nothing new in the concept of free self expression on the dance floor. But what is in this case is the fact of creating a space of free dance with DJ set but without talking, without alcohol or substance, with presence of a temple, a circle of beginning and a warm-up and a circle of end , a powerful sound system and suitable for a large space.

I discovered this concept in Australia in Perth, and then decided to put my seed there and bring it to Japan.