Emmanuelle VALETTE

Alias : LEIYA

Dancer – Actress and Visual Artist / Healing and kinesiology


  • Name, first name : VALETTE Emmanuelle
  • Gender : Woman
  • Maiden name : Valette
  • Status : single
  • Date of birth : 14/02/1985 at Villeurbanne
  • Adress : Uenohara, Japan / Lyon, France (details by email)
  • Phone : JP +81 80-2261-3195 / FR +33 6 52 66 02 85
  • Email :
  • Website :
  • Profession : Artist dancer-actress / Healing et Kinesiology
  • Social security number etc… : forwarded on the full form by email, thank you.
  • Youtube : Emmanuelle Valette (video transfert in Process, currently visible under “Leiya Danse”.)
  • Facebook page :
  • Linkedin : Emmanuelle (Leiya) Valette
  • Twitter :


Physical type : europeanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hair color : long, brown

Eyes color : chestnut

High : 1m64

Weight : 54 kg

Waist size, hip, chest, neck and head : by email

Shoes size : 39

Gloves size : S

Confection : 36

Trousers size : 36-38



  • Languages ​​spoken fluently : french, english, spanish. Notion: japonese, russian.
  • Artistic activities : dance, theater, improvisation, painting /drawing in 2D and 3D (body painting, artistic make-up), photography, costume making, art crafting.
  • Sports : Yoga, HIking-mountaineering, casual : diving, Slake line, hoop
  • Hobbies : collecting medicinal plants and minerals, permaculture, manufacture of natural and organic cosmetics and household products.



  • ARTISTIC PRACTICE (figurant, silhouette, comedian) :

Dancer and actress specialised in the expression with free improvisation, dance, dance and healing-well-being, world dance.

Main skills :

– Dance : contemporary and world dance (gipsy from Turkey, Romania, Inde, Spain), butoh, contact improvisation, mime, ancien ottoman empire dances, balkan dances, bellydance ( egyptian, traditionals from all middle eastern, cabaret), persian dance, indian dance and bollywood, burlesque cabaret, voix/ corps et voix, jeu d’acteur classique et contemporain avec une spécialisation dans le théâtre physique.

– Actress : Strasberg technic (sensorial memory) for a better and right acting, Roy Art Theater for the “body and voice”technic, and mime for the creation of the character.

Other skills :

– Dance and singing : base of ballet and jazz, hip-hop, north africa and west africa dance, samba, afro-Brazilian dance, rock, salsa, japonese traditional dance and folkloric dances, gymnastic, singing ( lyric, oriental singing, Indian sacred singing : Dhrupad)

Fire dance : bolas and fire hand (slow and poetical style with dance and flexibility tricks)

Writting : (theater, instant creation absurd and humoristical), trip diary, philosophical reflexion about human being, environment and ecology, culture, tradition and spirituality.


– Improvisation dance, movement and voice, creation of character and psychedelic univers out of time and space.

– Mask acting

– Kinesiology, energetic (reiki, magnetism), massage (Thaï, oil massage…), energetic healing of places.

– Creation of sound, well being and healing ambiance, in partner ship with musicians (singing, singing bowl, crystal bowl, tuning fork…)

– Test author (theater, instant writing absurd and humorist), and reflective and philosophical writings during my travels.


Choreograph, artistic director, stage director, makeup creation, costum creation

Production : stage manager/ tour organizer / communication / administration



Style taught from 2004 to 2017 in France and abroad: Dance of the heart / Free dance (improvisation including technique, welfare, and development of the creative process), Gypsy Roma Dance (from Turkey, India: Kalbelya, Romania, Spain: Flamenco), Middle East and Central Asia, Greek and Turkish dances / Bollywood / Meditative dance, ritual, trans (sufi) / Latin dances / Medieval dances / Children’s theater workshop / Art teacher in alternative school according to the concept of Emilia Reggio / Performance-Fun course of French and English for parent and child from 0 to 6 years old in music, song, and history.

After more than 10 years of teaching world dance in weekly classes and courses for children, teenagers and adults (integration into groups of students with health problems or disabilities), I have the desire to continue to transmit my knowledge in a more specific way. I now retransmit in the form of workshops and circles in meditative and healing spirit, including a sacred and spiritual aspect. This aspect is for me all that is most concrete: deeply rooted in the present moment.

I would also like to share more my life experiences in various cultures and the knowledge acquired during many years of research in the form of conferences, articles, art exhibitions, workshops … and in a book that I slowly write.


Driving licence B (australian, french, japonese translation)

Possess a car (in France).


No particular restriction.