What about adding voice to the movement?

For adults and children

The session begins with a welcoming and presentation circle.

With Roy Hart theater techniques, explore your body and your voice: be creative and have fun! In addition to being fun, this work will bring you a deep release of your emotions and you will certainly find your childlike and creative soul player back !

All sessions end with a stretching or relaxing time, as well as a sharing circle.


Roy Hart Theater

Alfred WOLFSOHN was born in Berlin in September 1896 to a German Jewish family. In the trench warfare, he was wounded during a bombing one night and took for death he was thrown into a false corpse from which he had to extricate himself when he awoke. He was later psychologically traumatized and haunted by the voice of a soldier who was shouting distress not far from him during the night of the bombings. He decided to begin a research project on the voice, thinking that this could be the key to his recovery and reconstruction. He named it ‘The human voice’. Indeed during the war he remembered hearing a palette of sound and sound quality created by the extremely vast Man, men with voices of girl, woman, little children, voices that could represent all human emotions . During his work he made the link between vocal problems and psychology, and thus worked on these two aspects in parallel to improve both aspects at the same time. He is then very interested in the writings of C.G Jung. It was in London that he was recognized, while he had moved there to escape the anti-Semitic rise during the 2nd World War.

His research was resumed by one of his students: Roy HART, who continued after his death in 1962. In 1972, Roy Hart created his company and settled in 1974 in the Cévennes, at the Château de Malérargues. Roy Hart being an actor and having studied psychology and psychoanalysis, his work combined work on texts and research on the universal and individual unconscious and dreams.

 My link with Roy Hart

During my career as a student actress, I had the chance to work with people from the Roy Hart Theater. Including Mireille Antoine for 2 years, and Armatova Samuels for 1 years. I also met several other speakers in my career who also worked with the Roy Hart approach. I had the chance to rediscover my voice with these beautiful encounters and to find the great amplitude of my vocal potential, which I include very willingly in stage performances or in workshops. The voice is an intimate part, connected to its inner self that expresses itself on the outside. If we do not explore it, then we ignore the incredible potential of our incredible human voice! I would never pretend to resume a job that does not belong to me, but it inspired me a lot during my career as an actress. If I can bring this into free speech and body expression workshops, I do it with immense pleasure!

The goal 

Explore your voice, the relationship between body and voice, help the voice to “out of oneself” through movement, free from complex, become comfortable to have fun with your voice, create characters, explore the wide range sound beyond gender and age, be creative and take care of yourself !

Duration :2h

Price : 3000円      20-25€    (depending of the venue)


>>> This workshop has been conduced in South Korea in Seoul, in France, and in Japan 🙂 <<<