“Dancing against ignorance, confusion and violence, certainly, but above all to dance for peace, love and harmony. Dancing … a prayer for the earth”


During my training and my professional career, I have evolved in various universes in parallel. I was able to develop many skills that I enjoy meeting. I’m experimenting. I share. I am pleased to collaborate with international artists, on the street or on stage, all means are good.

Indeed, I have spent several years of research on art, traditions and beliefs in various countries. I had the opportunity to live among peoples with different cultures. So many enriching and transformative experiences that nourish my creativity, and beautiful knowledge in constant evolution. I try to transmit rather a lived, a feeling, a memory: the sharing of my sensitive universe. My approach is rather an “alternative” education or I offer a real exchange of trust between each and the environment, in which I propose to be a collaborator.


Contests of circumstances and my intuition were the key elements in all my personal and artistic career. The many “hazardous” encounters, on my path as a nomadic artist, these stories lead me to others … I am often what comes along and sees or leads me.




” Feeling with my heart, experiment a travel out of time and space, dive into somebody else universe who has something to say, to teach or to express…. This is what I like in art. Whatever I rich with mine, I do my best everyday, express my life energy and share it, and I am even more happy if you are ! I can’t change the world but I can plant seeds in mine. I often feel that I do not really create by myself, but that I receive something, and I only help to crystallize it in matter. When it is not the case, I feel unsatisfied : it is like I lied to the divin and created with my ego without any connection”.