Potential awakener, light diffuser and space purifier, dance gave me the name of “Leiya”. 

Born in France, I started ballet at the age of 2, following the advice of doctors to correct a serious genux valgum and a bad placement of my spine vertebras.

How the circumstance of  a birth on earth can determinate a destiny… 

Ma personnalité extrasensorielle, sensible et active

Drove me to experiment various arts such as music, painting and plastic arts, sculpture, wood and glass engraving, costum creation, pearl… But also artistic sports like gymnastic, rock and various dances. 

My family being partly Mexicans and Italians immigrants, I’ve always been questioning about identity, culture, anthropology… researching how people’s story was explaining their present life. 

This inspired me to start traveling after my theater and aesthetic cosmetic studies to conduce personal research about world dance and natural medicines. The beginning of an intense healing journey with the darkness and lightness of the inner world, and the deep mysteries of mother earth.

In parallel of my travels and researches

My passion naturally brought me to perform in various events from 2003 (wedding, exhibitions, museums…)

I met amazing artistes and started some inspiring collaboration with visual artistes and experimental music group such as “Barocco Project” with who I was exploring BUTOH and mime, while expression my creativity to play with the live projection paintings.

I also shared from 2003 the benefit of dance for the body, mind, spirit, teaching oriental dances, gipsy, and indian in some private dance school, social and community in Lyon’s neighbourhoods, some of which qualified as defaforised.

Practice with a benevolent tribe of all age helped so many women to face their life reality, to heal their trans-generational memories, and to express their inner beauty with joy and encouragements.

In 2010, I created my dance company named Yalisaï. My goal was to create bridges between cultures and human being, by sharing my researches around the world, and by proposing to discover the benefit of art and dance as a therapy thanks to workshops and performances. 

I did various experimentation with my student integrating in my courses some somatic and therapeutic approach such as Body Mind Centuring, Feldenkreis, Yoga, Eutonie, and various relaxation and meditation, movement analysis, Brain Gym, Kinésiologie, Shiatsu… 

Welcome to my creative and healing world

In 2014, I moved to Australia then to New Zeland, French polynesia and Japan where I am currently based. 

Living in Asia clarified my main axis of work : 

  • Sacred 

With my researches on spirituality and rituals around the world and my extra-sensorial abilities

  • Shamanic

With the 5 elements and my strong connection to nature

  • Art therapy and traditional chinese medicines

With the relation organ/season/energy flo in the meridian (kinesiology, shiatsu)


UMU” dance therapy, sacred meditation, movement of live, was slowly birthing over the years… 

UMU” danse thérapie, méditation sacrée, mouvement de la vie, naissait lentement au cours de l’année… 

My influences

Style, Teaching

My theater study

Including the Strasberg method ("Playing right" with the work of sensory memories) with Robert Castle
My appreciation for Peter Brook, Yoshi Oida, Philippe Genty, Arian Mnoushkine...

The encounter and teaching from other artistes

Whether in France or around the world, through shows and travels... An artist is always nourished by others, by what he lives. Sylvie Guillem, Esma Redzepova, Gulabi Sapera, Pina Bausch, Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno... As well as by movements :
Dali and the Surrealist movement, the Orientalist movement and the evolution of Cabaret from the end of the 19th century to the year 30, the history of the gypsies and the Silk Road Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

My studies in contemporary dance

With Killina Cremona, Pierre Doussain, Lila Net, Lucia Petrova,
The company Hallet Eghayan, at the National Center of Dance (Lyon, Paris) and to the CCNR of Rilleux

My regular practice of meditation and sufi whirling

Philosophy that I particularly affectionate, as much as the bouddhism (including zen) philosophy.

Dance act on the alive and enlighten the shadows

Purify the places and harmonize energies.

Space, persons, animals, vegetals, minerals

The entire environment reacts to a performance.

Everything is inter-connected, a large, vibrant and living whole: your body, your soul, your mind, nature, the universe…

This is what I invite you to feel again.

To remember forgotten sensations, to reconnect to yourself, your organs, 

Feel the fluids, bones, muscles, energy flowing through your meridians.

Express the movement in all its form

Take care of your body mind and spirit by the movement

This work makes it possible to transcend some of his blockages in a subtly modified state of consciousness, facilitated by the effect of sound vibrations.

Chinese medicine

Accupressure point
Massage of meridians

The session begins by balancing the flow of energy circulating in the meridian of the season with self-acupressions and self-massage. 


Qi Qong

Let’s prepare and strengthen your body to welcome the new season and prevent possible weaknesses thanks to gentle stretches inspired by Do-in and Qi qong.


Brain gym & EMDR Mind reprogramming

Reconnects your two cerebral hemispheres, activates your concentration and improves your bodily capacities. Positive sentences are integrated with eye movements to facilitate your transformation.

Movement therapy

Release of blocages
Guided by sound waves

Entering the soft intuitive movement with invitations: we gradually embody the element of the season and connect it to our material/body.

musical accompaniment by Naoshi Matsumura, studio SHUPILITA

UMU Danse Thérapie


Course of 90 min

55 € 


Course of 60 min / VALIDITY : 5 mois

350 € 


15 min

“Let’s creates bridges between cultures, countries, arts, human beings

A travel through time and space, ancien and recent. 

Let’s Co-create for a different world, and for the futur we wish for the earth and its inhabitants.”