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Leiya (Emmanuelle Valette) is a french artist (dancer-actress, and visual artist), a “healer”, and a teacher (arts, dance).

My artistic approach is a process of research on natural movement, organic and intuitive, interacting with the environment, the elements, the universe. I like to meet other artistic medium such as photography, painting, sculpture, live music, voice, and see what happens in the moment. What has changed in us? What does it change in space? In the people who participated by being spectator of this experience?

Because of her hyperactive and enthusiastic personality to explore life in all it can offers and her enjoyment to share knowledge, her career is very eclectic and rich in experience thanks to many trips.

Artistically, she works on a wide range of media and styles, bordering traditional and contemporary arts, with sens of humor, wit, off-beat, and a high sensibility. Her way of creating is intuitive and organic, on the present time, based on vision, sensations and images. The stimuli can be either internal or external such as sounds, visuals, contextual environments…

Since 2003 she has been performing for various events for private and public events in France and abroad : street performances (fire dance+percussion), traditional dance performance, cabarets, theater, festivals… She also did some contemporary collaborative work of instant creation with music group, performing art company, art galeries, during which she experimented the interaction of various medias, arts, and styles : movement / voice / painting, photography, retro-projection, video / music live / DJ..

His inspiration is rooted in his “nomadic” life experience with different populations in more than 30 countries. But also in the artistic and literary avant-garde dadaist and surrealist movements born at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe, the Orientalism artistic and literary movement of the 18th, the existentialist philosophical movement of the 20th century, bouddhiste and sufi philosophy, the acrobats and the circus, the idealism, the ancients cultures and aborigines, the silk road, shamanism and spirituality, the alternative way of living and educational system, and by the contemporary world with its beauty and its absurdities, its light and shadows …

She choreographed many performances with amateurs for cultural and social projects as the artistic director of Yalisaï association that she created in 2010 : a company that promote the encounter between the arts and support for personal development through art.

Her work has a form of political commitment to the protection of the environment and ecology as well as respect for differences and freedom, with the hope of planting seeds by inspiring by his choice of alternative lifestyle in nature and his personal interests: picking, permaculture, seine and rational food, alternative education system, cosmetics and household products, processing / recycling …

From 2003 to 2010, she has been in the same time make-up and sfx artist on numerous movie shooting,  photo shoot, events and stage, body-painting, sculptor assistant, assistant of a lightning artist from Lyon (festival Utopist, Theater of the Celestins) and also a beauty consultant in perfumery specialized in make-up and perfume. Working with many fashion photographers in studio and in nature from 2003 to 2009, she has developed an appeal for artistic photography and uses it as an additional creative tool, just like drawing, painting, writing.

She has also worked in the backstage and production of cultural events for artist friends in France, Australia and Japan such as ballets, contemporary dance showcase, butoh performance, play, opera, painting exhibition, readings (poetry and music), trade shows …

From 2005 to 2015, in the same time she was performingteaching dance on weelky class or workshops, and traveling for her research about alternative medicines, she has been learning various techniques of energy, body and mind care in France and all over the world (massages, anatomy, herbal medicines, essential oil and Bach flowers, kinesiology, Body Mind Centuring, feldenkreis, qi qong, meditation…). For further informations about her training and graduation, please go to the page “Resume”.

In may 2018 created the company “Otomi Namaste“: a centre of body and mind care and an event organiser, related with well being, personal and spiritual development, with the use of alternative therapy and modern art therapy.

In the mean time she keep creating, dancing, participating to exhibition and artistic projects.

“Otomi Namaste” Healing offers you :

  • Individual sessions of Reiki (energy rebalancing, work on the generational …)
  • Private kinesiology sessions (emotional and physical stress release, musles’s memory cleaning)
  • Massages (Thai, Shiastu, Californian)
  • Hypnosis
  • Sonotherapy

“Otomi Namaste” EVENTS offers you :

  • Dance and kinesiology workshops
  • Brain Gym and meditation
  • Hypnosis and crystal bowl
  • Women’s circles and oriental dance
  • Full moon and New moon circles
  • Languages and art workshops for children.
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Healing concerts
  • Des ateliers de langues vivante et d’arts pour enfants

These workshops and sessions are held in Japan, but are also open to travel!

See section “HEALING” and section “WORKSHOPS” in the site menu above.



“Let’s create bridge between cultures, countries, arts, human beings. Let’s travel amount time and space, ancien and recent… Let’s make arts a pray for a different world and for the futur we wants for the earth and his inhabitant, for humanity, for the all.”