In life we ​​sometimes go through various phases that require accompaniment. We wish to change but we do not have the necessary keys because too much in a situation. We have recurring pains that we do not understand, physical worries that we wish to regulate with a gentle and natural method. Or else, moments of great emptiness and inexplicable intense fatigue, inexplicable fears that hinder us in our progress, misunderstanding of what is happening to us … There are many reasons that may not necessarily be apparent, or not. other than we do not routinely take into account consequences and not root causes … I accompany you gently and benevolently on the path of wellness, by considering you in the entirety of your being and helping you to regain your ability to self-rebalance. My years of traveling and personal research around the world have allowed me to meet wonderful people, to read many books, to train me in various techniques with various masters, to learn from nature, from first peoples , from my Mexican ancestors, the medicine cabinet of my grandmother from Auvergne (french volcano area)!


Magnetism, Quantum Touch, Quantic Eutonie, Radiesthesy, Soft manipulation, Guidance (visions)…

In addition if necessary : plantes, minerals, sounds (tuning forks, singing bol), colors, oracle cards…


Interview and evaluation of your general condition: work, health, physical, family, emotional, moral …

Establishment of a meeting objective.

Relaxation and general energy rebalancing, then work on the reason for your coming with the appropriate methods (adapted according to each person and may vary from one session to another).





Lack of energy

Muscle aches

Recurrence of body pain

Physical trauma

Lack of muscular flexibility

Problem of blood and lymphatic system circulation

Gastrointestinal and food problems

Skin problems Stress (home, work)

Sleep problems

Anxiety related to the future situation

Psychological trauma Problems of human relations

Lack of confidence

Lack of self-esteem




Opening your chakras for a free flow of energy, deep cell cleansing, life in the present moment freed from any alienating karmic or generational link, renewed energy and dynamism, greater connection to yourself, openness to the external signs , disappearance of your pain or malaise, increase your general welness and feeling lighter, awareness and support to the changes needed to improve your living conditions …


Thank you very much for your confidence and for this exchange of energy!

Note that the first appointment is longer because we take the time for an interview.

  • At Otomi Namaste salon (in Akiyama) :

60€ – 8000¥   60min (you will be picked up and dropped off at Uenohara station)

50€ – 6500¥   60 min (if you come by your car)


  • A Fujino Portrade (en face de la gare)  : 

Kanagawa-ken, Sagamihara-shi, midoriku, obuchi 1705 2nd floor

Friday to monday 12h-19h (except the 2nde week-end of the month)

By appointment only.

60€ – 8000¥   60min

  • At home or at your workplace :

Shiotsu, Uenohara, Fujino, Sagamiko

60€ – 8000¥   60min (+ 500¥ – transportation cost)

Tokyo Center

11000¥  60 min

15000¥ 120min

(If you find another customer : less 1000円 to each of you)

  • Remote healing :

50€ – 6500¥ (in picture with your first name, appointment skype and follow-up)




Energy care belongs to alternative and holistic medicine. You will never be asked to stop your current treatment or stop consulting your doctor. We work in partnership with conventional medicine, not as a replacement.


Have a nice day, full of joy and light!

Namasté _ / \ _