(Intuitive movement and exercices for selfcare)

This workshop follow the chinese calendar and prepare the body to enter in a new energy / season / element, in harmonising your energy flow. The traditional chinese medicine associate a meridian, an organ, an element and an emotion. I created this original concept of intuitive and “organic” movement associated with some kinesiology to help everyone to reconnect with his body, feel, move, explore or rediscover sensations, enter in contact with the space and the group, and appreciate the present time in a safe environment. Move from your heart, relax your mind and balance your energy flow ! This is a very soft class accessible for everybody who wish to care of him, and discover a different way to create movement in the respect of the body.

  • Presentation of the theme and self massage.
  • Basic body balancing with meridian massage, acupressure point, breathing exercice, sentence to say.
  • Warming up with floor exercices to warm your articulation and feel your bones, your weight.
  • Explore the energy of the element of the season.
  • Explore the energy of the organ associated.
  • Play with the inside / outside : the inside sensations and the connection with the space and others, to be creative using the energy of the group.
  • Meditation / Relaxation time

When ? Once a month.

What the theme can be ? “I am in the rythme of life, getting better every day” or ” I am content and have confidence in all what I do”…

How did this workshop is born  :

During many years, I studied anatomy of the movement and general anatomy, I practiced Body Mind Centuring, Feldenkrais, and I worked with chiropractico and osteopaths up to twice a week when I was studying contemporary dance, performing and teaching. I had to go through various injuries during my dancer and performer works, and I decided to work on a different way, in the respect of my body. When I learnt kinesiology and got interested in chinese traditional medicine, I could get a better understanding of my body’s inner feeling during the change of seasons for exemple, or the “desire” to eat or take some specific herbal tea at some point, my intuition to do and teach some specific movement at some specific time of the year… And during my travels and life in different countries, I had many joy to dance freely in nature in different environment, and got knowledge and inspiration from nature which is a very great teacher to me. All this inspired me to share my all experiences and combine my knowledge in this technic who has been evolving since 2013. In order to balance and harmonise your general energy flow, I invite you to go where your body want to and where your heart feels like, according to your curent condition.

Answers to your questions :

  • Which benefit I will get ?

You can expect more INNER PEACE, recover ENERGY, observe positive CHANGES in your behavior, RELAXED : some pains that you had may disappear… It is a bit like a deep monthly inner cleaning ! With working with a group in a safe environment, you can share with others, feel that others are just like you, get energy, understand things about yourself through observation, and BE YOURSELF. However, try to come with no expectations 🙂

  • Can I come even though I am not familiar with dance or body practice ?

YES. This is not a class to learn who to dance, but how to move safely in the respect of your own body, and to take care of yourself.

  • Can I go if I have over 60 ?

MORE THAN WELCOME ! The body needs regular soft exercices. No age for taking care of our body.

  • Can I come if I am a man ?

OF COURSE ! The movement and exercices are for “EVERY-BODY”. Every human being has a body so..!

  • Won’t it too hard for me if I don’t know anything about kinesilogy or chinese medicine ?

NOT AT ALL. I will explain you every thing we do, nothing is complicated. Follow the exercices with confidence, and your thinking and analysis mind will slowly stop during the workshop.

  • Can I bring my kids ? FROM 9 YEARS OLD.

Younger, it is better to bring him/her to one of the various kid’s class I created who are adapted to their physical abilities and needs according to their age. However, if your kids is able to focus, mature enough… I am totally fine with them to stay aside and watch in silence, or join the last part before the meditation which is about interacting.

Duration : 2h